SCCS Choosing New EMR

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SCCS is in the process of converting our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Platform from ClaimTrak to Netsmart myEvolv in 2018.  ClaimTrak has been a good and faithful EMR, but now it is time to move to an EMR that fits us better.

How did we select a new EMR?  While we would like to have had all 370 employees involved in the project to research and select a new EMR platform, that’s obviously not possible.  We involved all Directors, Supervisors, most of the QA and Billing folks, a number of clinicians and paraprofessionals.  The platform we selected is Netsmart, the largest EMR vendor in the country.

The “Core Team” has already accomplished a lot, and we have gone through some training.  We will soon be ready to start training all of you.  Where we are in the process now is in configuring the software to work with our counties and programs.  We have also just recruited a number of Super Users who will be default local experts at your location, and they will be trained first.  We will also have a lot of support available by email and phone, but sometimes it’s really helpful to ask someone near you that you know personally.

Five years ago when we launched ClaimTrak, we launched one program at a time.  This time around we will all Go Live together.  The initial Go Live date is scheduled for the last week of March 2018, but that is subject to change.  So far, we are on track to launch on time.

As always, everyone in the organization is welcome to call or email the CEO, COO, CFO, Program Directors, and Supervisors with questions or suggestions (the CEO loves to hear from you).  Starting now we will have periodic blog posts with more information.  In the next installment we will talk in more detail about the new features of Netsmart that should make your work life easier.  For now, here are a few things the new platform will do:

  • We will able to customize more of the forms that we use every day, and embed them directly into Netsmart.  What this means to a lot of us is that we won’t have to prepare a document in Word, go out to get the family to sign the printed form, and then return to the office to scan the document to attach it into ClaimTrak.  Instead, the form can be designed to reside in Netsmart so that the family can sign the document digitally while you are meeting with the family.  This process automatically embeds the document into Netsmart, so you won’t have to print, sign, scan, attach a PDF any more.  It will take a while to get every form into Netsmart, but we have the ability to do this ourselves, which makes the whole process faster and less expensive.
  • You will be able to resize the Netsmart windows on your screens.  Some of the ClaimTrak windows cannot be resized, and on some laptop and computer screens this is an issue.  ClaimTrak says they cannot change the sizing of the screens, but this is already built in to ClaimTrak.
  • We have more.  The next email in this series will have more examples, with some comments from people on the Core Team who have already used the new software.

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