EMR Update: New and Cool Stuff

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“New Electronic Medical Record software?  Why?  What does it mean to me?”

Fair questions.

We have plenty to do without making changes to how we work.  “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”  We agree, but something did break so we had to evaluate options.  We think we found something better for our staff.

Here are some things that might benefit you:

  • We will be able to load almost every form we use into the new EMR.  What that means is that you won’t have to prepare a document in Word, print it out, take it out to the client, have them sign it, bring it back to the office, and then scan it onto the server so you can attach it to the EMR.  Instead the form will be on the screen, while you are with the client, and you can have the client or parent sign the form on the computer with an electronic signature pad.  Will this help?
  • Some “window forms” in our current EMR won’t resize like regular Windows programs.  This gets fixed.
  • You get a personalized home page.  Not just different colors.  Customized to how you work.  Fewer clicks to get where you need.  The EMR geeks call this the “Gold Standard”.
  • “I still want my Outlook back.”  The new scheduler looks like Outlook.  No joke.
  • There is an easy way to view multiple schedules.  Are you part of a team?  Want to see your team members Calendar?  Easy.
  • Auto alerts.  Treatment plan expirations automatically are tracked with reminders.  No extra steps.

“OK, so when do we get started?”

  • The target date to Go Live is in the last week of March.
  • We all Go Live together.
  • Training starts in February

“What does it look like?”

It’s called Netsmart “myEvolv”.  It’s all over the Internet, including YouTube.  We will be getting some videos and other materials loaded onto our servers.

Stay tuned!  More updates coming.


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