Annual Parties, Meetings

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As most of you know we used to combine all three of these events into one large event—one for each County.

We will now have separate Holiday Parties, Annual Meetings for each County, and an invitation-only State of the Agency meeting for leaders.

Holiday Parties – Many of you have already had your parties.  There are a few more coming.  They are being organized by department, by building, or a combination.  The feedback we are getting is that this makes them more fun and relevant.

Annual Meetings – There will be one meeting in Orange County, and another in San Bernardino County.  Watch for the announcement for the time and place, probably in late January.  We will continue to have the Employee of the Year Awards by Department and the 10-Year Veteran Awards.  Also, program staff will be putting together a presentation or skit about their programs with the goal of being fun and educational.

State of the Agency Report – This will no longer be provided to the entire agency and instead only to leaders.  The report will focus on national, regional, and local industry updates and how these things will impact our agency.  The report will also include a discussion of the strategic direction for SCCS.  If you would like to attend please ask your Director; seating will be limited because this will be a smaller interactive meeting.

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