Turn Over a New Leaf in the New Year With These Handy Tips

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By Dana Brown at www.healthconditions.info

New Years is unique among holidays in that it looks to the future rather than the past. But securing a bright future for yourself and your loved ones means doing everything within your power to cultivate health-affirming thoughts and habits. In this post we’ll offer tips to help you in your quest for a better tomorrow.

Start On a Positive Note

Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. This is just as true whether you’re up at the crack of dawn or just in time for lunch. So start out by noticing and acknowledging something good. This advice comes straight from classic business books like How to Win Friends and Influence People and The One Minute Manager. Yet how often do we heed this simple advice? Acknowledging the good in the world is just as crucial as addressing the problems that confront us. Take a moment to do so before your day gets hectic. You’ll be a better person for it, and so will someone else.

Create a Positive Home Base

We live in a hyper-connected era in which we experience a constant array of marketing messages, tantalizing headlines, and other efforts to gain our attention. Of course, much of the content to which we’re exposed is helpful, even necessary. Nevertheless, we all need to unplug from the dizzying pace of the Internet age from time to time, as pointed out by writers for Forbes. We should use this space for nurturing our talents and our serenity. Set aside a room in your home without electronic distractions for your creative pursuits. Redfin suggests to buy a comfortable chair, some paintings of nature, and other relaxing decor to inspire less stress; then spend some quality time in that place. You’ll find yourself gaining a newfound perspective on the world around you, one which can foster all sorts of positive insights and activities.

Light a Candle

Only a Pollyanna would deny that the world has a lot of problems. Having admitted this, though, we should ask ourselves how we can remedy the situation. Volunteer opportunities abound for those who would rather light a candle than curse the darkness. Taking a few hours to help others will help you as well.

Resolve. But Do So Wisely

Few commitments are as common, or as commonly broken, as the annual new year resolution. Does this mean we should never set worthy goals for ourselves? Not al all; but it does mean that, along with our resolutions, we should gather the means for achieving them, including:

  • A sound reason for making the change. Why do you want to finish that novel: because you love the craft of writing or because famous authors make a lot of money? Why do you want to lose weight: to enjoy better health or to make your ex jealous? Kept resolutions spring from worthy motivations.
  • A support system for helping you succeed. Vowing to finish your degree is great. But doing so will require the help of admissions counselors, financial aid experts, and, quite often, academic tutors. Assemble a support squad made up of people to help you reach your objective; then rely on their guidance.
  • A reward for success. Yes, you’ll feel great if you stop smoking. But give yourself a tangible reward to accompany the intangible emotion, like a dream vacation or a new wardrobe.

On a final note, we should stress that new year’s is not the only time to turn over a new leaf. The tips in this post can help you just as much in the middle of June as the beginning of January. So why not start now? You’ll never find a better moment.











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