New Employee Referral Program

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New Employee Referral Program Effective 9/1/18

Some of our best employees are from employee referrals. As a thank you for referring your qualified friends and colleagues SCCS is increasing our Employee Referral bonus.

Wondering if your referral will be a good fit for our jobs and agency?  It’s important to screen your referrals carefully – understand the job opening’s required experience, education and skills (job descriptions are available on the WIKI for you to review).  Is your referral someone who is passionate about the work we do?  And finally, is this someone you would want as a team mate?  If your responses are an enthusiastic “YES” then you have a strong candidate to refer.

The referral process is outlined below for your review:

  • Candidate must note on their employment application that they were referred and note the referring employee’s name.
  • The referring employee will get $300.00$150.00 once the new employee is hired and starts work in their new position and then the remaining $150.00 once the referred new hire has completed 90 calendar days of employment.
  • Both the referring employee and the new hire must be active employees when the 90 calendar days occurs.
  • Rehired employees are not eligible for the referral bonus. Program Directors and Executives are not eligible to participate in the Program.
  • The referral bonuses will be paid out by Accounting with the next applicable paychecks (taxes apply).

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